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Luz Gaitan is a Latin lighting designer.  She has seven years of international designing experience. Gaitan began her career as a theatrical lighting designer in Montreal, Canada, where she got her BFA. After moving to Seattle, Gaitan started to work with other areas of lighting design, such as concert and corporate events.  In 2017, the Latin designer was invited to go to UCLA to obtain a Master’s program in lighting design.


Gaitan most enjoys working with diverse companies that strive to push forward social subjects.


Gaitan recently got the opportunity to intern with production company PRG. Internship experienced included support the CAD department in Los Angeles. Such department is in charge drafting of shows such as The Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Coachella.


For this designer, experimenting, working, and studying the different aspects of entertainment lighting design is extremely important to make her designs strong, cohesive, and versatile.

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