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Far Away

     This design was constructed and evolved during my time at school. I used this play and evolved its design during different theatre design classes: set design, design realization, lighting design and lighting realization. I love this play; it is very abstract. If you have read it, you know that there are times where the play does not make literal sense and that individual interpretation is required. When I asked different people what they thought the main message was, there was a general political concept that varied from person to person. I think that this play talks about war, how much it changes us, and how it manipulates us. This is what I tried to imply in my design.  However, I also tried to leave the design as open to interpretation as the play. This is why my set design is abstract in a literal way: there are 3 scaffoldings together that represent several places, and in general represent a rabbit’s den. This design is influenced by the norms of epic theatre. I am really proud of this design and I could talk for days in a row about this set design, but my intent is not to put you to sleep. If you want to talk more about it, or if you have questions, please write me an email to

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