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Technical Jobs

Set Assistant                                                                                                          January - February 2015

The Saints Play - The Concordia University Theatre Department

  • Worked with set designer and head set workshop to build and paint the set for a puppet show

  • Helped the props department to build the mechanics of the props

  • Helped to created elevation plans for the construction of set pieces

  • Painted and dressed theatre according to the paint elevation provided by the designer


Board Lighting Operator                                                                                        January - April 2014

Attawapiskat is No Exception by Floyd Favel - The Concordia University Theatre Department

  • Worked as a team during the RAYS 2013-2014 season 

  • Used the ETC -Element Lighting Control Console

  • Worked with lighting equipment: Source4 5,10,19,26,36,50, Par 64, Fresnels, and 90 degrees, I-Cues and Scrollers

  • Handled label channels and program moving lights

  • Directed the team that hanged lights and create lighting cues with the designer

  • Assisted with paper work including: lighting plot, magic sheet, channel and dimmer list, color schedule


Assistant Stage Manager                                                                                    January - February 2014

Tonight We Play “A Soggetto” by Luigi Pirandello -The Concordia University Theatre Department 

  • Worked as a team during the RAYS 2013-2014 season 

  • Oversaw the set and props for  the play during rehearsals and in the theatre

  • Managed inventory before and after the performance, position props and set at the top of the performance

  • Communicated director’s needs to designers and assisted Stage Manager to paperwork


Key Set Designer                                                                                        September-December 2014

Festival SIPA 2013 - The Concordia University Theatre Department

  • Acted as consultant to designers to assist in ensuring designs were aligned with the concept of their plays

  • Coordinated communication of set design requirements to technicians working across all plays in the festival

  • Oversaw the organization and allocation of general storage space for participating productions

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