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Animation: Mimi-cry

In a faraway land, a female figure is seen in the sky. She is having fun and enjoying freedom by performing flying tricks while she smiles, because she likes the sensation of the wind in her face.  She has been flying for a while. Suddenly she sees some movement down on the ground.  Curious about it, she decides to see what is going on. She is not sure what is moving, so she is very cautious. As she gets close, she discovers a very graceful ballerina who moves as if she was floating or flying though the forest. Intrigued by her movements, the flying woman tries to imitate her, which the ballerina finds amusing.  The dancer tries to show her how to dance but it is clear that the flying woman's body wasn't made for dancing - her wings make dancing almost impossible.  Temporarily blinded by her sudden passion for dance, she decides to pull her feathers off.  The flying creature doesn’t realize the mistake that she is making. After tearing out her first wing, she comprehends then the mistake that she has made. It is too late. The damage is done. She is in pain, crying, and realizes that she will never be able to fly again. She has sacrificed his wings for a sudden passion.

       Originally, I made this video for an independent study class at my university. It was intended to expose human nature and how we get driven by sudden passions without thinking about the consequences of our acts. The sudden overwhelming urge we feel driven to satisfy today may be what causes a lot of pain tomorrow.

       Since the concept of the class was self-directed study in the subject of stop-motion animation, it took a lot of trial and error to have a finished product.  However, I wouldn't change this experience, as it has taught me a new artistic way of communication.

Below you can take a look at the documentation of: research images, techniques used to design and create the clay puppets, set and storyboard, and some of my missteps during shooting.

Visual Research

Design Process


Making Puppets

Set Making

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